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​Are 501(c)(3) organizations permitted to compensate officers, directors and trustees?  (EZ FAQ)
Are 501(c)(3) organizations permitted to conduct activities or provide grants outside the U.S.?

Are 501(c)(3) organizations permitted to conduct bingo or other gaming activities?  (EZ FAQ)

Are 501(c)(3) organizations permitted to donate funds to individuals or pay their expenses?  (EZ FAQ)

Are 501(c)(3) organizations permitted to engage in financial transactions with officers, directors or trustees, etc.?  (EZ FAQ)

Are 501(c)(3) organizations permitted to have unrelated business income of $1,000 or more?  (EZ FAQ)

Are 501(c)(3) organizations permitted to influence legislation?  (EZ FAQ)

Aren't there more than three types of organizations that can qualify for 501(c)(3) status?  (EZ FAQ)

Aren't there more than three types of public charities?  (EZ FAQ)

Can we enter more than one NTEE code?  (EZ FAQ)

Can we submit a paper Form 1023-EZ?  (EZ FAQ)

Can we withdraw a Form 1023-EZ if we change our minds?  (EZ FAQ)

Chart Comparing 501(c)(4), (5), (6) and (7) (PDF)
Charts and Worksheets, Table of (from Prepare Your Own 501(c)(3) Application) (PDF)
Check your IRS Record
Comeback Kids (Article by Sandy D
eja) (PDF)

Comments from Satisfied Customers

Contact Information

​Could the Form 1023-EZ eligibility requirements change in the future?  (EZ FAQ)

Do you have any hints for using pay.gov?  (EZ FAQ)

Does the IRS process Form 1023-EZ and Form 1023 in the same way?  (EZ FAQ)

Donor Acknowledgement Letter (PDF)
Donor Substantiation
Ebook Information

Ebook Formats, Payment, Delivery
Employment Taxes (PDF)
Exempt Organizations Master File Field Names (to use when checking your IRS record) (PDF)
Filing Requirements (PDF)
Financial Worksheets & Instructions (PDF)
Fiscal Sponsorship
Flow Chart (PDF)
​Form 1023 Paperwork Chart, Information About

Form 1023 - Part I
Form 1023 - Part II
Form 1023 - Part III
Form 1023 - Part IV
Form 1023 - Part V
Form 1023 - Part VI
Form 1023 - Part VII
Form 1023 - Part VIII
Form 1023 - Part IX

Form 1023 - Part X
Form 1023 - Part XI
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Generate Public Support
Handbook Table of Contents (from Prepare Your Own 501(c)(3) Application) (PDF)

​How can we find out when the IRS posted our organization's name on the Auto-Rev List?  (EZ FAQ)

How do we ask to have expedited processing for our Form 1023-EZ?  (EZ FAQ)

How long does it take for the IRS to process Form 1023-EZ?  (EZ FAQ)

How much does it cost to file Form 1023-EZ?  (EZ FAQ)

Inurement/Excess Benefit

IRS On-Line Help

IRS Phone Help
IRS Processing

IRS Reasons for Rejecting Form 1023-EZ

​Is the "Testing for public safety" checkbox a trick question?  (EZ FAQ)

Keeping the IRS Happy
List of Excerpts from Prepare Your Own 501(c)(3) Application on this website
Miscellaneous Changes: Form 8940
Missing IRS Rulings
More  - Articles/Letters by Sandy Deja
News Affecting 501(c)(3) Applications
Organizational Requirement (PDF)
Political Activity
Prepare Your Own 501(c)(3) Application

Prepare Your Own 501(c)(3) Application - How To Use (PDF)

Prepare Your Own 501(c)(3) Application - Table of Contents (PDF)

Professional Reviews
Recycling A Previous Application (PDF)
Reinstatement After Automatic Revocation
Replace Your 501(c)(3) Letter
Revenue Ruling 54-243 (PDF)
Revenue Ruling 63-252 (PDF)
Revenue Ruling 64-174 (PDF)
Revenue Ruling 66-79 (PDF)
Revenue Ruling 66-177 (PDF)
Revenue Ruling 70-186 (PDF)

Revenue Ruling 74-587 (PDF)
Revenue Ruling 75-65 (PDF)
Revenue Ruling 81-28 (PDF)
Revenue Ruling 2004-27 (PDF)
Sandy Deja's Comments on 1023-EZ (PDF)
Sandy Deja's Comments on i1023 (PDF)
Sandy Deja's Resume (PDF)

Senate Finance Committee - Sandy Deja Letter Urging Repeal of 6033(j)

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The Way We Were (Article by Sandy Deja)
Things To Do Before Applying
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Unrelated Business Income
Update Your IRS Information
Updates/Revisions to Prepare Your Own 501(c)(3) Application

We filed a long form 1023 a few months ago.  Can we switch to Form 1023-EZ?  (EZ FAQ)

We filed an exemption application other than Form 1023 a few months ago.  Can we switch to Form 1023-EZ?  (EZ FAQ)

What does it mean to "attest"?  (EZ FAQ)

What happens if an ineligible organization files form 1023-EZ?  (EZ FAQ)

What is Form 1023-EZ?  (EZ FAQ)

When to Call A Professional

​Where can I find a list of states whose laws provide for the distribution of assets upon dissolution?  (EZ FAQ)

Where can I find Form 1023-EZ?  (EZ FAQ)

Which Form 1023 Should You Use?  (EZ FAQ)

​Which NTEE Code should we use?  (EZ FAQ)

Who is eligible to file Form1023-EZ?  (EZ FAQ)

Who is required to File Form 1023-EZ?  (EZ FAQ)

Why doesn't Form 1023-EZ ask if we are filing the application on time (27 months)?  (EZ FAQ)

Will grantors and contributors be able to rely on a 501(c)(3) letter issued to a 1023-EZ applicant?  (EZ FAQ)

Will grantors and contributors be able to tell we filed Form 1023-EZ?  (EZ FAQ)

Will the IRS ask questions of Form 1023-EZ applicants?  (EZ FAQ)

Will there be a Form 1024-EZ?  (EZ FAQ)


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