Form 1023 Paperwork, In Millions of Hours, 1986 to 2016

Source: U.S. Office of Management and Budget. Click image to learn more.

​Q. Where can I find more information about Form 1023-EZ?

A. Here is a collection of useful links:

Information-only copy of the Streamlined Application for Recognition of Exemption under 501(c)(3)

(This form must be filed electronically, through

Form 1023-EZ instructions

Revenue Procedure 2018-5
   (Procedures for using either Form 1023 or form 1023-EZ.) 

“Life Cycle of an Exempt Organization
.”  There are separate life cycle explanations for public charities and private foundations

Long Form 1023

Instructions for Long Form 1023

List of states whose laws provide for the distribution of assets upon dissolution:  Revenue Procedure 82-2.  A list also appears in the instructions for the Long Form 1023, (link above).

More Information A
bout NTEE Codes   (For an NTEE Search box, go to this page of the site.)

Revenue Ruling 56-304 requires organizations to maintain case histories which show the 501(c)(3) basis for distributions to individuals.

List of states whose laws meet the requirements of 508(e): Revenue Ruling 75-38.  A list also appears in Appendix B of the instructions for long form 1023, (link above).

"Select Check" tool on, where auto-revoked organizations can find out key dates needed for reinstatement.

Form 1023-EZ Implementing Regulations.  (Treasury Decision 9674)

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