Although the IRS released Form 1023-EZ in mid-2014, they have not posted any Frequently Asked Questions.

The FAQs below were prepared by Sandy Deja.

​Basic FAQs
What is Form 1023-EZ?
Who is required to file Form 1023-EZ?
Who is eligible to file Form 1023-EZ?
Could the Form 1023-EZ eligibility requirements change in the future?
How much does it cost to file Form 1023-EZ?    
Where can I find Form 1023-EZ?
Do you have any hints for using
How long does it take for the IRS to process Form 1023-EZ?
What actions must we complete before submitting our Form 1023-EZ? 

"Page-by-Page" FAQs
 Eligibility Checkbox: What does it mean to "attest"

     Eligibility Checkbox: Gross Receipts and Assets
Eligibility Checkbox: What happens if an ineligible organization files form 1023-EZ?
Part II, Question 1: Aren't there more than three types of organizations that can qualify for 501(c)(3) status? 

     Part III - Question 1: Narrative
Part III - Question 2: Which NTEE Code should we use?
Part III - Question 2: Can we enter more than one NTEE code?
Part III - Question 3: Purpose Checkboxes
Part III - Question 5: Legislative Activities
Part III - Question 6: Compensation
Part III - Question 7: Grants to Individuals
Part III - Question 8: Foreign Activities/Grants
Part III - Question 9: Transactions with Insiders
Part III - Question 10: Unrelated Business Income 
Part III - Question 11: Gaming

     Part IV - Question 1: Church, School, Hospital? 
Part IV - Question 2: Aren't there more than three types of public charities?
     Part V - 
What is Automatic Revocation?
Part V - Question 1: How can we find out when the IRS posted our organization's name on the Auto-Rev List?

IRS Processing FAQ's

How do we ask to have expedited processing for our Form 1023-EZ?
Can we submit a paper Form 1023-EZ?
We filed a long form 1023 a few months ago.  Can we switch to Form 1023-EZ?
We filed an exemption application other than Form 1023 a few months ago.  Can we switch to Form 1023-EZ?
Can we withdraw a Form 1023-EZ if we change our minds?
Does the IRS process Form 1023-EZ and Form 1023 in the same way?
Will the IRS ask questions of 1023-EZ applicants?
How long does it take the IRS to process Form 1023-EZ?

Miscellaneous FAQs

     IRS Reasons for Rejecting Form 1023-EZ
Will grantors and contributors be able to tell that we used Form 1023-EZ?
Will grantors and contributors be able to rely on a 501(c)(3) letter issued to a 1023-EZ applicant?
Will there be a Form 1024-EZ?
Where can we find more information about Form 1023-EZ?


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Form 1023-EZ Frequently Asked Questions

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