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Prepare Your Own 501(c)(3) Application
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A. The NTEE code you use on your Form 1023-EZ will depend on your organization's purposes and activities.  There are, however, definitely some NTEE Codes to avoid:

These NTEE codes usually describe exempt organizations not eligible to form Form 1023-EZ:
A6E, A11, B11, B20, B21, B24, B25, B28, B30, B40, B41, B42, B43, B50, B60, B90, C11, D11, E11, E20, E22, E24, E31, F11, F31, G11, H11, I11, J11, K11, L11, M11, N11, O11,P11, P51, Q11, R11, S11, T11, T23, U11, V11, W11, X11, Y11, Z11

These NTEE codes are popular among non-501(c)(3) exempt organizations:
A01, A02, A03, A19, A80, B83, C32, J40, K20, K26, K28, L50, M24, N50, N60, N61, N99, P20, P99, S20, S30, S40, S41, S46, S47, S50, S80, S81, W30, W60, W61, W80, W99, X03, X50, Y03, Y20, Y22, Y23, Y33, Y40, Y42, Y43, Y44, Y50, Y99, Z99

Note that the Form 1023-EZ software will allow you to continue with the form even if you choose an inappropriate NTEE Code.

Although the Form 1023-EZ instructions suggest visiting for additional information about NTEE Codes, some other pages on the NCCS site, such as 
this one, offer a search box. Enter either a keyword, like "history," to view the definitions of all codes that might apply, or enter a specific NTEE code to view that particular code's definition.

​If the NTEE code entered on Form 1023-EZ indicates activities outside the scope of section 501(c)(3), it is likely the IRS will ask additional questions.

(Information on the actual percentage of 501(c)(3) organizations using each NTEE code is available.  Contact Sandy Deja - - for more information.)

Q. Which NTEE Code should we use?

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