A. The NTEE code you use on your Form 1023-EZ will depend on your organization's purposes and activities.  There are, however, definitely some NTEE Codes to avoid:

These NTEE codes usually describe exempt organizations not eligible to form Form 1023-EZ:
A6E, A11, B11, B20, B21, B24, B25, B28, B30, B40, B41, B42, B43, B50, B60, B90, C11, D11, E11, E20, E22, E24, E31, F11, F31, G11, H11, I11, J11, K11, L11, M11, N11, O11,P11, P51, Q11, R11, S11, T11, T23, U11, V11, W11, X11, Y11, Z11

These NTEE codes are popular among non-501(c)(3) exempt organizations:
A01, A02, A03, A19, A80, B83, C32, J40, K20, K26, K28, L50, M24, N50, N60, N61, N99, P20, P99, S20, S30, S40, S41, S46, S47, S50, S80, S81, W30, W60, W61, W80, W99, X03, X50, Y03, Y20, Y22, Y23, Y33, Y40, Y42, Y43, Y44, Y50, Y99, Z99

Note that the Form 1023-EZ software will allow you to continue with the form even if you choose an inappropriate NTEE Code.

Although the Form 1023-EZ instructions suggest visiting https://nccs.urban.org for additional information about NTEE Codes, this page lists every NTEE Code and provides brief descriptions
.  The search box at the top of the page will search the whole NCCS site.  To search only the NTEE list, use Ctrl+f.  Enter either a keyword, like "history," to view the definitions of all codes that might apply, or enter a specific NTEE code to view that particular code's definition.

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