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Articles by Sandy Deja

  • IRS Reasons for for Rejecting Form 1023-EZ - A pie chart showing the reasons why the IRS has rejected Forms 1023-EZ during the firt two years the form has been in use.
  • The Way We Were - When the IRS began revoking the exempt status of non-profits that failed to file three consecutive returns, more than a quarter of a million organizations lost their tax exempt status.  In this article, I present a few charts and graphs for a "pre-revocation" look at the universe of tax exempts. 
  • The Comeback Kids - A detailed analysis of the 9,424 auto-revoked organizations that had achieved reinstatement as of August, 2011.
  • 100 Year Anniversary - 2013 marked the 100 year anniversary of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Sandy Deja put together a brief history of 501(c)(3) as well as a quiz about section 501(c)(3), to celebrate.
  • ​PEZ/Long Form Use Over Time - Information about the graph that appears at the top of each page of this website.

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