100th Anniversary Quiz

​​​​​​​​​​​​Real Help With Your 501(c)(3) Application

1.     Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution made income tax, as we know it, possible?
        a.     Thirteenth 
        b.     Sixteenth
        c.      Nineteenth
2.     Which exempt purpose was not included in the 1913 version of 501(c)(3)?
        a.     Literary
        b.     Religious
        c.      Scientific
3.     Which of these Code sections is not one of 501(c)(3)’s past aliases?
        a.     II(G)(a)
        b.     170(b)
        c.      101(6)
4.     Which of these non-501(c)(3) tax exemptions is not turning 100 this year?
        a.     501(c)(4) social welfare organizations
        b.     501(c)(7) social clubs
        c.      501(c)(13) cemetery companies
5.     Which Senator, later to become president, introduced the political prohibition that is now part of 501(c)(3)?
        a.     Warren Harding
        b.     Richard Nixon
        c.      Lyndon Johnson
6.     In what year was protection of children and animals added to 501(c)(3)?
        a.     1918
        b.     1936
        c.      1954
7.     In what year was testing for public safety added?
        a.     1918
        b.     1936
        c.      1954
8.     Which of the following is believed to have led to the addition of fostering national or international amateur sports competition as a 501(c)(3) purpose?
        a.     1960 Olympics
        b.     1976 Olympics
        c.      1992 Olympics

Answers to the Quiz