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Q. What happens if an ineligible organization files form 1023-EZ?

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A. A Form 1023-EZ filed by an organization that does not meet the eligibility criteria will be "rejected."  Unlike an adverse determination, a Form 1023-EZ rejection does not result in any appeal rights for the applicant.  Generally, rejected 1023-EZ applicants must file the long form 1023. 

​Over 75% of rejections during the first two years Form 1023-EZ has been in use were based on applicants’ responses revealing that they had, or expected, gross receipts in excess of $50,000. The other ineligible applicants rejected included churches, limited liability companies, credit counseling organizations, schools, and for-profit successors.  
Form 1023-EZ (2 year) Update Report

A rejection for ineligibility to file Form 1023-EZ does not indicate the applicant does not qualify for tax exemption (see earlier discussion of rejected applicants that reapply and are approved).  

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