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Formats, Payment, Delivery


M/S Word - All ebooks for sale on this site are Microsoft Word Documents.  If you do not have Microsoft Word on your hard drive, you can obtain a "viewer" from the Microsoft Website.

PDFIf you cannot use a Microsoft Word document, I can send your ebook as a PDF instead.  After you have purchased your book using one of the "Buy Now" buttons on this site, please send an email to easandc3book@gmail.com asking me to send the PDF version.  (You will still receive an email with a download link for the M/S Word version.)  In most cases, you will receive the Adobe version the same day as your purchase.

Other FormatsI am not making these books available in traditional ebook formats (Kindle, Nook).  I welcome input from anyone who thinks it would be a good idea.  Email me at easandc3book@gmail.com.

Payment Information

Paypal The "Buy Now" buttons on ths website will take you to a site where you can make your payment through Paypal.  Shortly after entering your payment information, look for an email with the title of the book you purchased in the subject line.  The email will have a web address (url) where you will be able to download your ebook.  Be sure to download the book, rather than just viewing it.  The link will only work for a limited time.  Some past purchasers have been unable to print the book without downloading it first.

Echeck through PaypalPaypal will also give you the option of paying for your purchase with an "echeck."  Please note that paying with an echeck will delay delivery of your ebook until the echeck has cleared.

Don't Want to Use Paypal?

If you prefer not to make your payment over the Internet, you may send a check or money order to:
         Sandy Deja
         P. O. Box 10525
         Fairbanks, Alaska 99710
If it is not clear, please specify which ebook you want, and be sure to include your email address so I can deliver your ebook!


DownloadAfter using one of the "Buy Now" buttons on this website and entering your payment information, you will receive an email with the book title in the subject line.  This email will contain a web address (url) where you will be able to download the ebook you have just purchased.  Be sure to download the book rather than just viewing it.  The link will work for only a limited time.  If you have trouble with the download, please contact me at easandc3book@gmail.com.  I will send you the book as an email attachment.  

EmailIf you use the alternate payment method described above (snail-mailing a check or money order), you will receive your ebook as an email attachment, so be sure to include your email address with your payment.