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Ebook Troubleshooting

When you click a "Buy Now" button on this website, you will be taken to an order page where they will take your payment information and then email you a web address (url) where you will be able to download the ebook you have purchased.  Here are some troubleshooting hints:

  • The email with the download link will have the name of the book you purchased in the subject line.
  • Be sure you download the book rather than just viewing it.  The link will only work for a limited time.
  • Some email systems disable links in emails.  If the link you receive is not "clickable," see if you can change your email preferences to enable links.
  • Another option if the link you receive is not "clickable" - use the copy and paste functions to enter the link into your browser.
  • Because of "word wrap," the link may arrive in two pieces.  Be sure you get both halves when you copy and paste.

Your satisfaction is important to me.  If you continue to have trouble, please contact me at; I can simply email you the book (but there may be some delay).