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As described on this page, the information below refers to an earlier version of Form 1023.

Page 2 - Part II - Organizational Structure

Page 2 - Part II - Questions 1 through 4
501(c)(3) status cannot be granted to an individual, a partnership, or a "formless aggregation of individuals." If you want 501(c)(3) status for a limited liability company or other less common type of organization, you should probably seek professional assistance.

Page 2 - Part II - Question 5
Although IRS Form 1023 allows an applicant organization to indicate that it has not yet adopted bylaws, at one time the IRS website listed lack of Bylaws as a leading reason for delays in processing 501(c)(3) applications. Many IRS agents prefer not to issue a determination letter to an organization without Bylaws.

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Form 1023 - Part II