Form 1023 - Part I

As described on this page, the information below refers to an earlier version of Form 1023.

Page 1 - Identification of Applicant

Page 1 - Part I - Question 2
If you are using the home address of an officer or board member, including that person's name in the "c/o" line of Form 1023 may prevent mail for your non-profit organization from going astray.

Page 1 - Part I, Question 3
Be sure to use an address where you know a responsible person will be checking the mail regularly for the next several months.  For IRS purposes, a post office box is acceptable.

Page 1 - Part I - Question 4
Your organization is required to have a Federal ID number before you submit your 501(c)(3) application.  Apply for this using IRS Form
SS-4. Submit the form on-line or complete the form and call the toll free number listed in the instructions. Sending your Form SS-4 through the mail will take much longer.

Caution: It is never a good idea to use anyone's personal social security number on a non-profit's bank account, even for a short period of time.

Page 1 - Part I, Question 9
You are not required to have a website.  If you do not have a website, enter "No website."

Page 1 - Part I, Question 10
Although the instructions for Form 1023 say that an organization is not required to file Form 990 if annual gross receipts are normally less than $25,000, this is no longer true.  These small organizations are now required to file Form 990-N, also known as the E-Postcard, a brief on-line form.  Failure to do so for three years in a row can result in revocation of your organization's exempt status.

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