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Replace Your 501(c)(3) Letter

Prepare Your Own 501(c)(3) Application

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Once you receive your 501(c)(3) and have checked it for errors, provide copies to your accountant, attorney, and anyone else who might need to refer to it.  Put the original in a very safe place. 

If you ever need to replace your 501(c)(3) letter, IRS Form 4506-A [instructions] provides a way to get a copy of your original determination letter.  (This form is primarily used by members of the public to inspect copies of exempt organizations' applications for exempt status.) 

If you write, "Organization has lost its original letter of determination," in item 4, Reason for Request, the IRS will send you an image of the original determination letter (rather than the entire exemption application).  Non-commercial requesters do not have to pay a fee for the first 100 pages of records. 

This assumes, of course, that the IRS still has a copy of your exemption application and letter.  This technique may not work for older applications.  For these groups, the best you can hope for is a letter confirming that the IRS database shows your organization is exempt.  I, personally, have had mixed experience with Form 4506-A.  The IRS has sometimes been prompt and thorough, sometimes otherwise. 

Organizations that received their IRS determination 2014 and after may find a copy on the Tax Exempt Search page.

For changes to your organization's name, address, or other basic information, see Update Your IRS Information.

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