Prepare Your Own
501(c)(3) Application

By Sandy Deja © 2020 400 pages

ISBN 978-1-7340724-0-2​

​1023, 1023-EZ, 8940

​​Money Back Guarantee
(available in pdf as well; send email request)

Prepare Your Own
501(c)(3) Application

By Sandy Deja © 2020 400 pages

ISBN 978-1-7340724-1-9​


Money Back Guarantee
(available in pdf as well; send email request)

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​Long Form 1023

Form 1023-EZ

Summit Lake at Dawn  © 2003 Tony Torti

​​​​​​​​​​​​Real Help With Your 501(c)(3) Application

New for 2020:
- Information on the NEW Electronic Form 1023
- Updates where needed to Forms 1023-EZ and 8940
- Guidance on changes in law and procedure since the 2019 edition
- New Handbook topics; New Charts; Updated statistics; Updated links
- Improved navigation 

Why I believe Prepare Your Own 501(c)(3) Application will meet your needs:

Thorough -

  • A recap of basic 501(c)(3) requirements
  • Guidance on tasks to complete before applying for exempt status 
  • Part by Part help with Forms 1023, 1023-EZ, and 8940
  • What to expect after you submit your application package
  • Reinstatement help for automatically revoked organizations 
  • More - view Table of Contents

Practical - 
I am grateful to book purchasers, users of my public service website, workshop participants, professionals and clients for insight into what people want and need when preparing an exemption application.

Backed Up By Decades of Experience -

  • I have worked with Form 1023and the related tax law almost daily since 1974
  • During 12 years as an IRS Exempt Organizations Specialist, I reviewed about three thousand exemption applications
  • Since leaving the IRS, I have personally prepared over one thousand Forms 1023 and reviewed at least that many prepared by others
  • More - view Resume

Information You Cannot Find In Any Other Book -

  • Excerpts from the textbooks used to train IRS Exempt Organizations staff (obtained through the Freedom of Information Act)
  • A clickable flowchart illustrating EO application processing
  • Links to valuable information in the Manual used by IRS agents
  • How to find approved 501(c)(3) applications on the Internet

Time-Saving & Up-To-The-Minute -

  • Purchase entitles you to receive Addenda when IRS makes significant changes
  • Specific hints on How To Use the book
  • Internal links help you quickly find specific information you need in the book
  • External links take you right to law and IRS information you need
  • When To Call A Professional list lets you know if the book is not for you
  • You can be working with this downloadable ebook tonight, without driving to the bookstore or waiting for delivery of your Amazon order